Eyebrow Lift in Dubai - Doctor Mapping a Woman's Eyebrow

Reverse the signs of aging and regain your youthful glow with our expert eyebrow lift treatment in Dubai. At Ecla, we precisely sculpt your brows to achieve the grace and sophistication you desire.  

How does Eyebrow Lift Work?  

At Ecla, we blend our expertise with the latest technologies to offer premium brow lift treatments. Our doctors specialize in the art of eyebrow lift through advanced endoscopic brow lift techniques.  

By making small strategic incisions within the hairline, we access the underlying tissues and muscles of the brow. Through an endoscope and specialized instruments, we gently lift and reposition the brow to elevate your natural appearance.  

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Eyebrow Lift?  

Ideal candidates for eyebrow lift are individuals who:  

  • Have sagging eyebrows that create a tired expression  
  • Have vertical frown lines between the eyes  
  • Have deep furrows along the bridge of the nose  
  • Have a desire to improve their appearance without undergoing a full facelift  
  • Are in general good health


It is important to note that eyebrow lift procedure is not recommended for individuals with compromised health or those who are pregnant and breastfeeding.  

Benefits of Endoscopic Eyebrow Lifts  

Compared to traditional eyebrow lift, endoscopic brow lifts offer a variety of benefits, including: 

  1. Minimally Invasive: As endoscopic procedures are minimally invasive, it provides reduced scarring, smaller risk of infection, and faster recovery time.  
  2. Precise Results: The use of an endoscope allows our doctors to precisely target eyebrow tissues and muscles to give you a natural lift.  
  3. Reduced Tissue Trauma: Endoscopic treatments typically offer minimal disruption to surrounding tissues, thus reducing post-operative discomfort, bruising, and swelling.  
  4. Personalized Treatment: Endoscopic brow procedures are highly customizable according to your aesthetic goals. Our surgeons can tailor the treatment to address specific concerns, including brow asymmetry, dropping, or furrows.  

Risks of Endoscopic Eyebrow Lifts  

Endoscopic eyebrow lifts are generally well-tolerated by most individuals. However, some rare risks include infection, bleeding, temporary or permanent hair loss across the incision area, asymmetry, and unsatisfactory results.  

Procedure for Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift  

At Ecla, we prioritize safety and precision above all. Here is a quick overview of our procedure:  

  • Consultation: Like all medical treatments, the first step in the process is to have a detailed consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. During your consultation, our doctor will understand your goals, assess your eligibility, and address any concerns.  
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation: Prior to the procedure, you may be required to stop certain medications and abstain unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking.  
  • Anesthesia: Based on your preference, our doctor will administer general or local anesthesia to reduce discomfort.  
  • Incision Placement: Once the anesthesia is administered, our surgeon will make a few [usually three] small incisions approximately 1cm each across the forehead and hairline. 
  • Endoscopic Visualization: Our surgeon will then insert an endoscope to visualize the underlying tissues and muscles of the brow.  
  • Brow Elevation: Specialized instruments are then inserted through the remaining incisions and are used to reposition the brows to create the desired look.  
  • Closure: Once the desired brow position is achieved and any underlying concerns are addressed, our surgeon will carefully close the incisions with sutures.  
  • Post-Operative Care: After the surgery, you will be provided detailed post-operative care instructions to minimize complications and manage discomfort.  
  • Follow-Up Appointments: Based on your results, we will schedule regular appointments with your doctor who will monitor your progress and address any concerns.  

Typically, endoscopic brow procedures take between 60-120 minutes and can vary according to individual conditions.

Why Choose Ecla | Best EyeBrow Lift in Dubai 

  • Experienced Professionals  
  • Personalized Approach  
  • Advanced Technologies & Techniques  
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  • Comprehensive Care 

FAQs on Brow Lift in Dubai 

How long is the recovery stage for brow lift?  

Recovery time varies according to individuals, but usually it takes between one to two weeks. During the recovery phase, it is common to experience some bruising and swelling, these symptoms will gradually subside over time.  

How long do the results of a brow lift last?  

Although individual factors may impact the duration, the results of an eyebrow lift are usually long-lasting. Factors like age, genetics, and lifestyle factors can influence the longevity of the results.  

Are there non-surgical alternatives to brow lift?  

Yes, non-surgical alternatives include Botox injections and dermal fillers. However, in comparison these options may not provide the same level of improvement.