Our clinic offers the newest Zoom! ™ Whitespeed technology with gradient setting for a more comfortable experience, especially for those with sensitive teeth. This whitening solution is the quickest way to transform your smile. Say Goodbye to dull and stained teeth!

What to expect dramatic differences of up to 8 whole shades whiter

Zoom! ™ Whitespeed is highly effective for removing discolorations and stains caused by:

The process

Step 1: After moisturizing the lips with a cream, our dentist will apply a special whitening gel to your teeth using a dam to keep the gel in place and away from the gums. The main ingredient of the gel is Hydrogen Peroxide.

Step 2: Zoom! Whitespeed laser light is applied directly on your teeth to activate the hydrogen peroxide in the gel, causing it to penetrate the surface of the teeth. As oxygen starts to enter the enamel and dentin, it instantly lightens the teeth. The treatment can provide an average improvement of 8 shades.


Only one treatment is needed for the teeth to become noticeable whiter, for approximately 1 year. On average, the whitening session takes about 45 minutes.