Wakeup with Makeup

A. Lipblushing

We are bringing lips back to life by redefining the lip borders and subtly adding a pop of color into the uppermost lip tissues. Our highly advanced semi-permanent tattooing machine will deliver a natural watercolor effect, not a lipstick effect. The procedure is customized based on the client’s facial features and skin tone. Individuals with scars and discoloration around the lips can achieve great benefits with this treatment.

B. Permanent Eyeliner

Hypoallergic mineral pigments are deposited into the dermal layer of the lash liner skin with an ultra-thin needle to give you the eyeliner shape of your dreams. This technique is recommended for clients who don’t want to spend a vast amount of time applying eyeliner each morning. Depending on the skin and desired color, it may take up to 3 sessions to achieve the look.

C. Scar Camouflaging

Regain confidence by reducing the appearance of unwanted scars. Our scar camouflage treatment inserts colored pigment into the upper layer of the dermis to recolor scars so that they match your natural skin tone. This technique can also create an optical illusion of a 3D areola for those who seek breast restoration.


A. The Ecla® Method

Our microblading method consists of a comprehensive facial analysis to create a customized, natural-looking brow design that will maintain the integrity of your face while bringing out your best features. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading ultra-fine micro-needles are infused into the dermis to mimic each individual hair with incredible precision and achieve natural strokes.

B. Men’s Microblading

Male eyebrows can be enhanced too with a masculine natural look via the dermopigmentation of the eyebrows. Our skilled technician understands that men’s brows are completely different than women’s brows, thus hair removal will be kept minimal and unruly sparse brows will be tidied up.

C. Scalp Micropigmentation

A better alternative to hair transplantation, scalp micropigmentation is simply adding pigmentation to the scalp in order to recreate a shaved-like appearance. By using different shades of color and strategically positioning ink tattoo, we can procreate a 3D look of real hair. This hair-loss-concealing technique ca also address a receding hairline, bold spots, scars on scalp and alopecia.

D. Touch-ups

Most microblading and scalp micropigmentation treatments require touchups after 6 weeks.

E. Microblading Correction/Removal

For bad procedures that were performed within 48 hours, the glycolic acid PhiRemoval method can be applied on the affected area to remove microblading, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip blush and body tattoos. For older tattoos, a virtually pain-free laser treatment is performed on the affected areas, without burning or scarring.

Brow Lamination

Lasting up to 8 weeks, brow lamination is a procedure to enhance unruly eyebrow hairs while addressing a variety of brow issues such as thinning, gaps from over plucking, unevenness and lack of shape. It is designed to reposition the brows in a consistent upward direction to look fuller and thicker.