Moles appear as a skin growth in a dark brown or black color and can develop in any place on the skin. Unlike freckles, they have a bumpy appearance and hairs may even develop on them, causing embarrassment to the patient.

Most moles are benign and harmless, however, when a mole is oddly shaped or has an undefined border, it requires removal. A biopsy is then performed to determine if it is cancerous.

Mole Removal Treatments:

Shave Removal Excision
One way of removing a mole is to shave the layers of the surface of the skin where the mole sits, using a sharp scalpel. This technique does not involve the use of stitches.

Excision Biopsy
This is when an oval incision is made around the mole and underneath it and then the wound is closed with stitches. This type of removal often leaves a scar. The removed tissue is examined under a microscope to check for cancerous cells.