Laser Full Body Hair Removal in Dubai - Woman Getting Laser Treatments on her Chin

Renew your confidence and radiance with our advanced laser full body hair removal services in Dubai. At Ecla, we fuse our expertise and the latest technologies to unveil the silky-smooth skin you desire.  

How does Laser Full Body Hair Removal Work?  

Full-body laser hair approval primarily works by targeting the pigment [melanin] in the hair follicles through concentrated beams of light. The melanin converts to heat by absorbing light energy, thus damaging the hair follicles and inhibiting future hair growth.  

Who are the Ideal Candidates for Laser Full Body Hair Removal?  

Ideal candidates for full-body laser hair removal are individuals who:  

  • Desire long-term hair reduction  
  • Prioritize convenience  
  • Have unwanted hair growth  
  • Have dark, thick hair  
  • Are in good health 

It’s important to note that full-body laser hair removal is not recommended to individuals with compromised immunity and those who are pregnant and breastfeeding.  

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal  

Some of the key advantages of full-body hair removal treatment are:  

  1. Precision: Advanced laser technology allows us to carefully target problematic areas while protecting the surrounding skin. 
  2. Reduced Ingrown Hairs: Laser hair removal can help the appearance of ingrown hair, which are common when waxing and shaving. By targeting the hair follicles, laser treatments prevent hair from regrowth and being trapped between the skin’s surface.  
  3. Versatility: Laser hair removal is versatile treatment as it can treat various areas, including the legs, body, and hand. The versatile nature of laser hair removal makes it a convenient option for men and women.  
  4. Long-Lasting Results: Laser hair removal offers lasting results after a series of treatments. While it may not permanently remove all hairs, it can certainly reduce its growth.  

Risks of Laser Hair Removal  

While full-body laser hair removal is generally safe, like all medical procedures it does come with some risks. Some of the uncommon risks include skin irritation, blistering, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, facial redness, and eye injury. 

Procedure for Laser Hair Removal  

At Ecla, we prioritize safety and precision above all. Here is a quick overview of our procedure:  

  • Consultation: The first step to all treatments begins with a detailed consultation with one of our doctors. During your appointment, our doctor will understand your goals, assess your eligibility, and answer any concerns.  
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation: Prior to the treatment, you may be instructed to avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, and self-tanning products to minimize the risk of skin irritation or pigmentation changes. You will also be instructed to shave the treatment area a day or two before the appointment to ensure the laser can effectively target the follicles.  
  • Eye Protection: Both you and the doctor are required to wear protective eyewear to shield the eyes from laser.  
  • Skin Sensitivity Test: In some cases, our doctor may conduct a skin sensitivity test to assess your reaction to laser and understand the right settings for the treatment.  
  • Topical Anesthesia: Depending upon your preference and pain tolerance, a topical numbing cream may be applied to reduce discomfort.  
  • Laser Hair Removal: Once the area is numb, our doctor will use a handheld device to deliver controlled pulses of laser to the target area.  
  • Post-Treatment Care: After the procedure, it is common to experience red, swollen, or slightly irritated skin. Our doctor will apply a soothing gel or cooling cream to alleviate discomfort. After the procedure, you will be instructed to avoid direct sun exposure, hot showers, and hardcore exercises for a few days.  
  • Follow-Up Sessions: Since hair grows in cycles, it is necessary to continue multiple sessions and maintenance treatments to maintain the desired look.  

Typically, our full-body laser hair removal takes between 30 minutes to an hour. The duration can vary according to individual conditions.  

Why Choose Ecla | Best Laser Full Body Hair Removal in Dubai 

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FAQs on Laser Full Body Hair Removal in Dubai  

  • Is full-body laser hair removal safe for all skin types?  

Yes, laser hair removal can serve several skin tones and hair colors. However, it is important to discuss with our doctor your eligibility for the procedure.  

  • How many sessions are typically required for laser hair removal?  

The frequency of sessions depends on various factors including hair thickness, color, and growth cycle. Typically, most individuals require six to eight sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve the best results.  

  • Can laser hair removal target sensitive areas like the face or bikini line?  

Yes, laser hair removal can safely treat sensitive areas like the face, bikini lines, and underarms. However, it is essential to discuss it with our doctor regarding your eligibility for the procedure.  

  • Is laser hair removal painful?  

Laser hair removal is typically well-tolerated by most candidates, especially with the use of numbing creams and cooling gels. However, it is common to experience mild discomfort during the treatment.