The importance of Professional Oral Hygiene

The most important aspect of oral hygiene is getting your teeth professionally cleaned. Even with diligent home care, adults over the age of 35 become more prone to losing teeth due to periodontal disease and cavities.

Periodontal disease is often characterized by infection below the gumline and inflammation of the gums, leading to the destruction of the bone, shifting of the teeth, and eventually, tooth loss.  Once periodontal disease begins, it rapidly progress, leading to serious health issues.

The only way to avoid periodontal disease is through committing to routine dental examinations and professional teeth cleaning. Together, we can completely prevent the disease and help your teeth last for a long time!

Benefits of Consistent Teeth Cleaning

Failure to commit to a professional teeth cleaning routine can lead to:

Process of Deep Teeth Cleaning

Step 1: The Scaling

Using a small mirror and ultrasonic scaler, the dentist scrapes off calculus deposits and plaque from teeth. The ultrasonic device uses high-frequency sound waves, piezo tips, and magnetostrictive vibration to break up complex substances like tartar, leaving behind a smooth surface of free of bacteria.

Step 2: Root Planing

Through the use of an instrument, the dentist creates a small pocket around the tooth where toxic buildup might be stored. This is done to smooth out the tooth’s root to help the gums effectively reattach to the tooth.

Those with severe calculus buildup will have to undergo a Full Mouth Debridement. As for patients suffering from periodontal disease, ECLA® customized a Perio-Maintenance treatment to effectively address their gum disease.