Sculptra® Butt Lift

The plumpness and firmness of the buttocks decline with age, weight loss and pregnancy. Sculptra®, a Poly-L-lactic acid, is a non-surgical injection that fills the butt area to add more volume and create a “natural” butt-lifting effect. As opposed to enhancements that are more noticeable, this non-surgical procedure restores lost volume and plumps the area by stimulating the production of collagen. The collagen increases the volume while making the butt firmer and tighter.

A Sculptra butt lift is ideal for those who are relatively in good shape but want to lift and contour their buttocks. It is also a great way to optimize those who already underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift.

The results may not be immediate but it is worth the wait. The desired lifting effect will gradually progress for 4-6 months’ post treatment and can last for up to 2-3 years.

HYAcorp® Buttock Augmentation

Made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid, HYAcorp® is a revolutionary body shaping filler that can beautifully shape the butt, add significant fullness and fill out hip dips. Unlike implant surgery, this dermal filler creates a more natural and subtle appearance, without any significant or painful downtime.

100ml is generally the minimum amount of filler that can be expected to produce a noticeable increase in volume on a “petite” patient or a patient that only wants to fill out their hip dips. Most patients will require 200 – 400 ml of filler to significantly augment their buttocks.  Results can last up to 2 years.

Radiesse® Butt Lift

For toned patients unable to have a fat transfer, Radiesse® Butt Lift treatment can be a great alternative. Radiesse® is an FDA-approved bio-stimulator with a calcium hydroxyapatite base that promotes collagen and elastin production beneath the skin. It allows you to add roundness or fullness to the butt with a flat appearance. The procedure only takes about 30 minutes and the results are instant so you can immediately enjoy a naturally lifted, perky bottom.


Hyalase® or Hyaluronidase is a safe enzyme that can be injected into any HA filler to fully dissolve it or just correct faulty-filled areas in the body. This treatment usually has an immediate effect, although it can still take 2 weeks before visibly seeing the final result.